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What is Involved With Tree Service?

Tree service is a broad term encompassing a multitude of activities related to tree care. It can be broadly categorized into two main categories: primary tree care and secondary tree care. Primary tree care deals with activities such as felling trees, thinning, pruning and trimming existing trees. Other activities under this category include removal of dead limbs and other off-shoot growth, leaf brushing, mulching, seed collection, bagging, etc.

The primary tree service company would include a crew which would consist of skilled arborists, cultivators, stump pullers, cutters, pruners and other specialists who can perform a wide range of tasks related to felling trees, trimming and pruning. The services would be offered on an annual basis or seasonal. These companies have trained staff who would carry out a systematic approach while providing a high standard of workmanship. The trees that are felled or pruned are sent for assessments, health checks and various tests to ascertain the condition of the limbs and roots before the actual pruning takes place. This helps in reducing the risks of accidents and unnecessary injuries and is also cheaper.

Secondary tree care companies specialize in planting, re-planting, thinning, removing, etc., of trees. The staff is limited to specialist knowledge of plant life, species requirements, how to protect them during winter and so on. They also undertake research related activities to establish ecological communities and their relation to sustainable landscape planning. Tree planting is a vital activity performed by these companies to sustain healthy arboretum and to ensure the long-term health and survival of trees planted in the region.

The main task of these arborists is to ensure that trees mature within the specified time period. Tree planting services also involve tree removal, clearing and felling. They may be hired privately or may be part of a larger company. There are many arborists who have started their own businesses by setting up their own tree removal and planting firm. Many organizations also provide training and resources to arborists in areas related to tree care and maintenance.

Tree service companies have helped countless people with their various tree related issues over the years. This includes a rise in the demand for eco-friendly products and services, better protection for our environment and promotion of responsible tree and arbor care and restoration. The International Society of Arboriculture has been working hard for this cause for almost 20 years now. The society aims at promoting eco-sensitive tree growth and conservation, thereby helping people conserve nature and at the same time ensuring that arborists may preserve our environment from detrimental environmental impacts like land grabbing, pollution and deforestation.

The International Society of Arboriculture has helped a lot in terms of providing awareness about the importance of arboriculture for both humans and our environments. They conduct trainings for arborists regarding tree removal, felling, pruning, plant propagation and other relevant issues that involve tree care and maintenance. They have also helped train students and arborists on the basic principles involved in tree felling and removal, along with the right equipment for doing so. They provide courses, seminars and workshops to teach young people about the importance of preserving our precious trees and promoting arboriculture. In order to enhance awareness and promote responsible tree and arbor growth, the society arranges a wide range of seminars, workshops and educational programs and supports the causes and activities of various green groups.

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